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Antonio Medina, LMFT

Antonio Medina, lmft

Antonio Medina is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who has been trained in traditional and non-traditional psychotherapy. He has years of experience working with some of the most challenging cases before he decided to develop his own 3-step process of meditation. He integrates holistic and intuitive interventions that will help you become who you born to be.  

kate neely

Kate Neely, Intuitive Counselor


 Kate was given the gift to connect with those that have passed on and for the past 7 years, she has  been developing this gift to her deepest understanding.  

Kate uses her gift to bring love, healing and peace back into anyone’s life that is open to accept this beautiful gift. By connecting with her spirit guides she is able to gain a deeper access in to the day to day life, understanding everything spirit shows her and using this in a proactive message given from the other side. 

She understands life has a way of setting us back, making us feel like we’re just going through the motion. By having a strong connection to spirit, it allows Kate to truly understand what YOUR JOURNEY here is all about.

Are you ready?


Mary catherine, LMFT, Reiki master

In 2007, Mary decided it was time to honor a gift she had been ignoring since she was a child.  IMary became a Licensed Massage Therapist and continued to immerse herself in energetic and spiritual interventions that today  have been witness  to countless physical improvements.  She is a Reiki Master and an  Internationally Certified Master Reflexologist and brings her spiritual gift of empathy into every massage, working intimately with Spirit. 

our mission statement

 Our philosophy is simple: Everyone is Born Good. Everyone. Life provides experiences; some good and some bad. The Good Center will be the first program that seeks to treat all emotional problems using a blend of specialized methods that integrate traditional and non-traditional psychotherapeutic interventions.

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