Christi diamond, medical intuitive & energy healer


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Christi Diamond B.S., M.Ed. is an intuitive healer. She has a unique ability to read energy in the body and spirit and excavate and release where trauma, pain, or dis-ease may be trapped. She has been in the healing arts for 13 years. Christi is known for her ability to dig deep and get to the core quickly without having to relive the drama or the trauma. This creates fast and effective results in healing.  She has traveled the country for a year speaking and teaching healing techniques to audiences everywhere and has authored several books.  She harnesses and integrates the healing power of essential oils into her healing practice as well. She specializes in grief and trauma and removing shame from the body.  She facilitates healing retreats and sessions that are quick and efficient while creating safety, trust and freedom. 

Areas of expertise


  • Chakra Balancing
  • Aromatherapy
  • Energy Balancing
  • Trauma Release/Healing
  • Grief Coaching
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Generational Curses



relationship coaching


Christi and Rick work together living by the motto: If you can heal the family, you can heal the world!! 

They are both directors at one of the top ten Marriage Retreats in the country!  They have both been through the heartache of divorce and are now happily married to each other. They are dedicated and passionate about helping couples learn to communicate on a healthy level and get back to a place of deep connection, intimacy and FUN! They know what it takes to let go of the baggage and pain of the past so it doesn’t keep you stuck in your relationship! The unique thing about their relationship coaching is that you get both of them together in your sessions! Both perspectives are represented and they both bring their valuable tools and insights to the table.