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Individual counseling

Individual counseling

Individual counseling

individual counseling in mckinney,tx

Whether you've seen therapists before or this is your first time, we are honored that you have chosen The Good Center to make your transformations. Your first appointment is aimed at getting a better understanding of what brought you in. You can expect to not only discuss the presenting problem but also explore your past in order to get a scope of the ROOT problem.

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couples counseling

Individual counseling

Individual counseling

couples counseling in mckinney,tx

The Good Center doesn't mind if you're dating, engaged, boyfriend and girlfriend, married, etc. We're just excited that you are looking to improve your relationship! We use strategies that help isolate the root causes of your problems and assign each of you roles in order to initiate the change and the healing! Don't make the mistake of waiting before it's too late.        

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family counseling

Individual counseling

family counseling

family counseling in mckinney,tx

If you don't already know, families can be challenging! Especially when you have blended families, family of origin or extended family issues! The Good Center is up for the challenge if you are! We use a variety of Family Systems Models, including Symbolic-Experiental Methods to help you resolve family issues that if not treated, can last generations. Break the generational cycle and start a NEW trend. 

frequently asked questions

Does insurance cover counseling?

Yes, most insurances do cover counseling. However, how much it covers really depends on your plan. In some cases, it covers a portion if not all of it.

HOw do I find out what my insurance will cover?

The easiest thing to do is to look on the back of your insurance card. There should be an 800#. You call that number and ask them what it would cost to get counseling. They will be able to tell exactly what you would have to pay, if anything to get counseling.

What is counseling for?

Counseling is for anyone who is experiencing a problem in life. Everyone has problems from time to time so this means counseling is for EVERYONE. Some people seek counseling for answers, guidance, to process, talk, heal, change and grow. 

Is counseling confidential?

Yes. We don't talk about your case to anyone. It's totally private and confidential. We are mandated reporters, just like firemen and police officers so the only things we would be obligated to report are situations like: 1. You are suicidal and want to harm yourself. 2. You are homocidal and want to harm another person and 3. You are abusing or neglecting a minor or a dependent adult.

who sees a counselor?

Everyone. I have seen people of all ages, of all walks of life. Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, people in Showbiz and even Therapists! Regular folks like you and me.  The bigger questions is: Why isn't EVERYONE seeing a counselor.

What should I expect?

Counseling is a safe place where you get to explore your inner thoughts and feelings without the fear of being ridiculed. You can expect your counselor to work with you to explore your mind so that you can find acceptance and rediscover your inner truth. In your first appointment, we talk about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, HOW AND WHY you are seeking counseling. From there, we create a treatment plan to identify your goals and to make sure whatever work we are doing in counseling is aimed at getting you there.