Grief coaching


12 Week grief coaching


Grief is a whole different animal and not many are well versed in how to walk through it or even know the ins and outs of how to maneuver through the up and down roller coaster that grief brings us. It’s tricky and scary and full of many unknowns. Grief is the transition from adapting from how things used to be to where they now are. 

We are taught how to gain and acquire things but rarely are we ever taught how to lose things, people, or relationships and what loss really is. Loss is a variety of things. Many of us have been taught to push it down. Christi worked for Mothers Against Drunk Driving for over 6 years and helped many through support groups and walking through the trauma of grief and acute trauma. She is well versed in this area and has specialized in it for years. Your tears are welcome here. 

Grief coaching is a 12 week process to work through the heartache of grief, heal from the unfinished business and find hope and healing in moving forward.