kate neely, intuitive counselor

Kate Neely

Intuitive counseling

Many people ask if an Intuitive is the same as a Medium or a Psychic, the easy answer is Yes and No.  For example, a cook, a sous chef and chef all cook but they all have different set of skills, talents and responsibilities. So the easiest thing that I can do is tell you what I do! 

Do you ever get a hunch? Have you ever heard of "your gut feeling?" or "your 6th sense?" That's what Intuition is! 

You see,  we live in a physical world and we seem to forget that we are ALL spiritual beings too.  And we begin to disconnect from those parts that are so important. The Intuitive Readings that I do, help you to understand that there is more than the eyes can see, that you too have the power to bridge that connection between you and the forgotten. Come and reconnect in an amazing way!


areas of expertise

Believe it your not, everyone has spiritual gifts. These were all given to you by the same creator: God.

I was blessed with a variety of gifts and as a child, I tried to turn them off because they were scary to me and I thought people would criticize me for them. But then I realized that these gifts could be used to help people like you and me to live better lives and discover the truth and that we aren't alone! My areas of expertise are:

  • Connecting with your Guides, also known as your Guardian Angels
  • Connecting with your friends and family that have crossed over
  • Connecting with your Higher Self


Spiritual Gifts List

  • Clairvoyant: Clear seeing, meaning I receive images and I interpret them for you.
  • Claircognizance: Clear knowing, meaning that information about your life just comes to me.
  • Clairaudient: Clear hearing, meaning that I "hear" things in my mind.
  • Clairsentience: Clear feeling, meaning I can feel energies in you and those who I connect to.

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