the good center



couples counseling

Whether you're looking for Individual, Couples or Family counseling, The Good Center is here to address all your personal needs. Our talented group of clinicians will assist you as you take the first step in making REAL change.

Hypnosis I Journey Work


Every human experience gets recorded in our mind. Those experiences can be traumatic and our minds suppress the memories, the meanings and the emotions. Hypnosis is proven to access the root causes of your problems. Come and experience something different.


reiki massage

This is beyond just your typical massage. It is our philosophy that emotional pain can cause physical pain. Just like stress can cause headaches, emotional pain can affect other parts of our bodies. This massage can help you release stored emotional traumas.

Intuitive Readings

Psychic Readings

The Good Center recognizes that emotional health isn't just the mind and body but also the Spirit. If you've ever wanted  "Answers", an Intuitive Reading  will help you discover everything your Spirit and your Guides have been wanting you to know. 

 1 Corinthians 12:4-10 

Guided Sweats

Sweat ceremony

 This is a 1-1 guided spiritual journey in a sauna. It's one thing to do a guided meditation and it's another thing to do a guided meditation in a sauna. COMING SOON!!


Reflexology massage

Traumas and emotions can be stored deep within our muscle tissues. This technique explains it all.