Journey Work in Mckinney,tx

journey work

spiritual approach to counseling

What is Journey Work?

Journey work is the name given to this very unique and spiritual technique which aims to improve your connection to your intuition, also known as your Soul and Spirit. To better understand where Journey Work fits, we must first understand the layers of therapy.

  1. Psychotherapy (Talk therapy happens here. Every therapist on the planet is taught this in school.
  2. Meditation Therapy (This includes Guided Meditation. Not every therapist is trained in this and the goal at this level of peace and calm. The Unconscious is just starting to be discovered).
  3. Hypnosis (Therapists must be specially trained. Unconscious mind is unlocked. Reprogramming starts here. Client relies on therapist.)
  4. Prayer/Journey Work (The deepest level. Complete access to the Unconscious mind, the Truth. Direct communication with others at the spiritual level. Healing, Guidance, Knowledge, Protection, Rediscovery happens at this level.)

One does not need to be Religious and Spiritual to experience Journey Work. Journey work is appropriate for everyone who chooses to do it. There are no known limits to this intervention.

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Journey work isn't for anyone and that's okay.  But if you're interested in improving your intuition, your meditative skills and your communication with the higher ups... You've got to book now. The only place in DFW practicing this sacred technique.