We identify and treat the root cause of your problems.

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The Good Center recognizes that emotional health isn't just about the counseling. Emotional problems also affect the way we THINK and how our bodies FEEL. The Good Center is proud to be one of the only programs  in North Texas that address the Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Spiritual  wellness, all in one place.



More than Just counseling

Have you experienced a migraine, sweaty palms or terrible stomach pains? When you don't resolve the problems in your life, those problems can become trapped in your bodies and lead to health problems. Massage can compliment the counseling work.


hypnosis-journeywork-intuitive readings

Do you have a problem that continues to surface? Well you might consider treating it holistically. These strategies help you identify the root cause and give you the path to HEALING. 

If you have spiritual-based questions, Intuitive Readings might be just what you've been missing.