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Marriage Counseling

More than counseling

The Good Center recognizes that emotional health isn't just about the counseling. Emotional problems also affect the way we THINK and how our bodies FEEL. The Good Center is proud to be one of the only programs  in North Texas that addresses the Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Spiritual  wellness, all in one place.


Reiki and Reflexology Massage

body massage can release trauma

Unresolved trauma or chronic stress from a job or a relationship can directly impact your physical health.  If you ignore this, it can lead to serious health problems. In Psychiatry, these are known as Somatoform Disorders. Reiki Massage is one way to help you release the physical burdens on your body. Afterall, that stress has to go somewhere. It's time to RELEASE and LET GO!

Psychic readings, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy

hypnosis-journeywork-intuitive readings

Are you interested in getting to the ROOT of the problem? Well then Hypnosis and Journey work is the way for you. They both access your unconscious which is where the answers lie.

Intuitive Readings are great for anyone who would like to connect with their higher power, spirit guides and angels. They are eager to help and ready to give you direction and the answers to your questions!