Health insurance covers counseling services only

We are currently In-Network with Blue Cross Blue shield, Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, Scott-White and Humana. Insurance only covers counseling.  If you choose to pay cash, the fees are noted here.

Clinical Evaluations: $120.00

When you're just starting therapy, this is your first step. It's an evaluation of your presenting problems where we assess this and your history. 

Counseling Appointments: $100.00

These are the fees for cash paying clients who are receiving on-going counseling treatment, regardless if you are a couple, family or individual.

Massage Therapy:$80.00

50 minute massage.  All massage include Reiki energy healing. Your choice of: Swedish, Deep Tissue or Reflexology massage.

Intuitive Readings: $150.00

 50  minute individual reading where I connect with your spiritual guides and provide you with the guidance and answers you seek.


 2 hour group reading for up to 4 persons.  Can be done privately or within your group.

Group intuitive readings: $400

2 hour group reading in your home or my office for up to 4 persons.


 This is a guided journey with one of our staff inside a heated sauna where you will be placed in a meditative state, opening your mind to emotional and physical healing. "it is like an emotional carwash."