Health insurance covers counseling services only

We are currently In-Network with Blue Cross Blue shield, Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, Scott-White, Optum, United Healthcare and Humana. Insurance only covers counseling.  If you choose to pay cash, the fees are noted here.

Clinical Evaluations: $120.00

When you're just starting therapy, this is your first step. It's an evaluation of your presenting problems where we assess this and your history. 

Counseling Appointments with antonio: $100.00

These are the fees for cash paying clients who are receiving on-going counseling treatment, regardless if you are a couple, family or individual.

counseling with latreanna: $100.000

50 minute counseling session. Individual or Couples counseling. (SLIDING SCALE AVAILABLE)

LGBTQ teen Support group: $30.00

Weekly Support Groups  for LGBTQ teens ages 15-19. Held on Sundays.

medical intuitive healing session: $249

 These sessions involve an energetic scan of your body to discover health related imbalances, illness, pain and other conditions.  With Christi

12 week Grief coaching: $125

 Grief coaching is a 12 week process to work through the heartache of grief, heal from the unfinished business and find hope and healing in moving forward.  With Christi

Emotional/Trauma Release Energy Healing Session : call christi

  These sessions are designed to help you release trauma from the body and spirit, creating new beliefs, new neuropathways and therefore new outcomes, balancing your energy and letting go of the havoc that trauma might have caused in your life 

relationship coaching with christi & rick: $175

  Relationship Coaching aimed at helping couples learn to communicate on a healthy level and get back to a place of deep connection, intimacy and FUN!